Peng Lab



9/2022 Giusy and Anthony will give talks at the 2022 IEB conference in Trieste, Italy!

7/2022 Congratulations to Giusy and Andrew on our paper being published in PNAS. See the press release here.

5/2022 Congratulations to Michelle for receiving supplemental funding to work in the lab!

2/2022 Congratulations to Giusy for having her review accepted in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience on comparing and contrasting mechanotransduction in cochlear and vestibular hair cells!

9/2021 Lab was awarded an R01 with Dr. Katie Rennie studying the effects of aging on the peripheral vestibular system!

7/2021 Paper was accepted on fluid jet stimulation of cochlear hair cells in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology.

2/2021 Anthony gave a presentation at the ARO Mid-Winter meeting on the work from Andrew's thesis.

1/2021 Congratulations to Andrew on an excellent Thesis Defense! We are all very proud of all the work that has gone into your thesis!

10/2020 Anthony presented the work from the lab on adaptation for the ARO Virtual Seminar Series. A recording of the presentation can be found here.

8/2020 Congratulations to Giusy and Andrew on our paper being published in Science Advances. See the press release here.

4/2020 Congratulations to the Shin and Peng labs on our paper published in Nature Communications regarding myosin VIIa function in the cochlea. See the press release here.

1/2020 Congratulations to Andrew for receiveing an F31 fellowship from the NIDCD! A well deserved acheivement!

10/2019 Congratulations to Giusy and Andrew on our paper being accepted in the Journal of Neuroscience!

9/2019 Talks by Giusy and Andrew: Congratulations on successful talks given by Giusy and Andrew at the 2019 IEB conference in Padova, Italy!

10/2018 Congratulations to Andrew on passing your comprehensive exam with flying colors!